Welcome to Rey Finance

REY stakes average 38% returns a year.

Available on coinsbit.io

Contract Address

Our Contract Address:


The more people stakes REY , the higher the price goes because less coins are avalaible on the market. Less people stakes REY , the contract automatically increase the number of coins rewarded to the stakers.


The protocol is owned and operated entirely by its users , so the future of the coin relies in their hands.

Everything about REY is governable , with voting weight directly correlated to REY.

Details and Values

NFT Staking

NFT Staking is a new way to earn passive income. It allows the users to sill profit from the benefit of staking their coin. Every NFT from our collection has a coin value depending of the rarity of the NFT.

Lending Dapp

Is a open source and decentralized platform that lets its users lend or borrow crypto assets at a fix interest rate. You can borrow or lend REY, BNB, BUSD, USDT and more to be avaliable soon.

Energy Friendly

The proof of stake algorithm that REY use of is 99.9% more energy efficient than proof of work algoritms that other coins such as BTC and ETH use.

Diamond hands program

On top of the calculated APY, a reward of 10% more will be added to the total APY of any dapp from us for not moving any coin from the contract address for one year.


We build our virtual community for our investors. Our metaverse ecosystem will be built in Decentraland and will consist in apartment buildings, NFT exposition linked to out marketplace, retail market and more.



of each transaction added towards Giveway


of each transaction added to Charity Wallet


Reflection to Holders

How to Buy

Rey Finance will conduct presales through our presale dapp but the public listing will be on PancakeSwap. Our goal is to further expand and quickly achieve the milestones highlighted in the roadmap as our team seeks to eventually have Rey Finance be tradable on an ever-growing list of various exchange platforms. We will continuously update the Rey Finance community on our marketing platforms every time we are added to a new exchange, so keep a keen eye out for future expansion.

1. Create MetaMask Wallet

Create a MetaMask Wallet, TrustWallet, or use an existing wallet. You can create a MetaMask Wallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android mobile device. This will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive Rey Finance.

2. Send BNB to your Wallet

You can directly buy BNB on Binance.com and transfer it over to your MetaMask Wallet by adding the Smart Chain network to your existing wallet. You can also purchase Ethereum (ETH) or a multitude of other tokens and swap them for BNB. Reminder to make sure to use the BEP-20 network when transferring over BNB.

3. Connect Wallet to Presale Dapp

Connect your wallet to Presale Dapp by clicking “Connect Wallet”. After connection, locate the Trade tab and change the receiving tokens to Rey Finance by pressing “Select a Token” and entering our token contract address.

4. Swap BNB for Rey Finance

You can start swapping for as many tokens you wish as soon as you have BNB available in your Wallet. Reminder to adjust slippage tolerance to 10-12% before swapping.


  • Symbol REY
  • Total Supply 90 Million
  • Circulating Supply 25 Million


DEX, CEX, Dapp


  • token creation
  • staking dapp
  • whitepaper

Year: 2022


  • Presale
  • cex listings

Year: 2022


  • cex listings
  • lending dapp
  • ERC20 bridge
  • farms
  • audit by certiK

Year: 2022


  • new partenerships
  • buy back
  • token burn
  • NFT staking
  • NFT collection
  • NFT Marketplace

Year: 2023


  • EVM bridges
  • Rey Finance Mainnet
  • wallet creation

Year: 2023


  • nft new series
  • Rey Finance Smartnodes

Year: 2023


  • apartement building and nft exposion in decentraland integrated with smart contracts

Year: 2023


  • buy back
  • token burn


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rey Finance’s purpose?

Our team's primary goal is to raise awareness and support for the increasing demand of cryptocurrency.We plan to innovate both Defi and Metaverse space.We truly believe that we can gain momentum within impact investing through the use of decentralized platforms to promote and drive change towards new ways.Our plan is to bridge impact investing within the sphere of decentralized markets and initiate positive change through the continual growth that will be shown through this token.

Where can I buy and sell Rey Finance as well as exchange?

Immediately after our public listing, you can trade your Rey Finance tokens directly through PancakeSwap. For presale, you can swap as many of your tokens for Rey Finance until the hard cap is achieved through PinkSales. Our team will also be working to expand our trading horizons through initial CEX listings on numerous platforms and eventually be able to be traded on all Tier 1, 2, and 3 major exchanges.

When are new marketing campaigns, listings, announcements, etc. coming?

We are working tirelessly to source new marketing partnerships and achieve new listings; refer to our roadmap and view pinned TG messages to keep up to date with our current marketing efforts and updates!

Why can’t I buy Rey Finance?

Make sure your slippage tolerance is set to at least 10% and increase it to 12% or higher if necessary. If issues persist, message us on Telegram or reach out via other social platforms

What if the hard cap isn’t met by the ICO?

If the presale soft cap is not achieved by the countdown, then 100% of the invested BNB will be reimbursed back to investors. We will not follow through with the planned public launch unless either the hard cap is achieved or the presale concludes above the soft cap.

How can I help?

Buy more Rey Finance, constantly check social media platforms for marketing, comment on our promoted posts, spread the word to friends and family, make optional donations to partner charities, and do your part to save the Whales and our oceans.